Monday, 15 January 2018

2. Existing adverts/campaigns I have researched ad how these have influenced my ideas.

In order to create an advert that would appeal to an audience, I had to research similar adverts in order to grasp the ideas and conventions that were used and therefore influence my own advert, as I have adapted some of these ideas.
Firstly I created a mood board by having the topic of "Wave" in mind as that is the name of the deodorant.

Despite having set out to create this mood board with the intentions of creating a poster, as I have now decided to opt for the TV advert, it was still useful as it inspired the slogan, "Never crash under pressure again", and also the USP, being the freshness and the long lasting effect.  

In addition to this, I researched into other deodorant brand adverts such as Lynx, Sure and Dove. For example, from the Sure advert, there was a CU shot of the deodorant featured in the advert in which I thought to also use this convention within my own advert. I also plan on featuring the product in a pack shot at the end where the slogan and the USP can be seen. This is a common convention across most of the deodorant adverts but I found that Dove this this especially well in a simplistic manner.

Another example is that in the Lynx advert shown below, it features different shots with sports involved in it. I thought that it would be a good idea to also include sports shot in my own advert as that would highlight the brand value of being active. I will feature sports in the beginning of both my adverts, with the male playing football and the female playing tennis.

Within another Lynx advert, I saw that there were shots

Sunday, 14 January 2018

1. How I intend to fulfill the requirements of the brief I have chosen.

For this project, I have decided to go for Brief 1, which is to make 2, thirty seconds long television advert for a new unisex deodorant called Wave. This is to be targeted at 16-25 year olds and will be shown on prime time E4 at 7-9pm on weekdays. Therefore I think that this Brief chosen will be able to express the brand's value of youthful, active and unisex, in the best way possible.

In order to make this possible, I have chosen 2 different settings across the two adverts, which includes a restaurant, a field, a court, in a house and also urban areas in central London featuring landmarks. I also have at least 2 characters, one male and one female, that represent different social groups. Additionally, I hope to incorporate some techniques, such as humour, emotional appeal and intertextuality in order to engage the audience by making it relatable and therefore making the advert memorable. Hence, having to be aware and follow the rules of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The USP that I have chosen for the deodorant is that it will be fast acting and long lasting for up to 48 hours, meaning that it is always reliable and roughly follows the slogan of "Never crash under pressure again.". I will also have the product featured within both the adverts as well as in a pack shot at the end. Additionally, I will also have the same written text on screen for both adverts in order to make it synergistic.

I have created 2 timelines to portray the ideas for the brief.
Within the advert, I plan on using a range of camera shots, including different shot distances, angles and movement, as this connotes the brand identity better. For example, the shots in the begging will feature fast movement whilst doing sport, in order to convey the value of youthful and active.

Overall, I think that by following closely to the guidelines of the brief, I am able to fulfill the requirements of the brief that I have chosen.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Homeland Continuity Task

1. What was your role in the task and what did you actually do?

Within the group, we designated roles to different people in order to make the task run smoothly. I was in charge of the props and the costume for the actors as well as being an actor myself. I played a CIA Analyst, interrogating a suspected terrorist sympathizer, who was played by Zain. We had to learn the lines to make the scene more authentic and natural, which in turn made the final product a bit better. Additionally, I also made some suggestions to the shoot, which turned out to be helpful. Alongside myself was my partner/ boss, who was portrayed to be a more laid-back due to him costume and him being late to the interrogation. Whereas I came across as more organised and professional due to the full suit and tie and punctuality.

2. What factors did you have to take into account when planning, filming and editing?

When planning the shoot, we had to take into account the positioning of the characters in the master shot of the interrogation, as sometimes Harvey was blocking the line of sight to my character from the camera. Therefore in order to solve this issue, we had him more laid back on the chair, which was more useful due to the connotations of his character of being more relaxed. Furthermore, we also had to take into account the framing of the characters due to the height difference between myself and Harvey, as it would look unnatural to pan up too much when the characters stood up hence leading to the solution of cutting out Harvey's head when he stood up. The process of filming was much easier due to previous planning therefore we just had to follow the shot order and script which we had made beforehand. Moreover, when filming we had to keep acting the whole scene to make cutting the clips much easier. When editing, we had to take into account the match on action to have a good continuous flow. This was achieved by the use of sound bridges as well as cutting certain audio out to make it easier. 

3. How successful was your sequence? Did you manage to demonstrate match-on-action, shot-reverse-shot and the 180 degree rule? Did you achieve continuity overall?

I thought that the sequence turned out quite successful in the end as the clips that we obtained from filming was sufficient enough to make a good final video. The match-on-action was quite well done I think for example, when i was entering the room with Harvey the match-on-action was successfully done with the close up on the handle to the door being opened. Another example is when the file was presented to Zain, the slide across the table was nicely done as it matched the movement of the camera. Also the shot-reverse-shot was done well as we have CU of the characters therefore being able to build tension and see facial expressions. Overall, I think that the continuity was well achieved although it could've been better with better footage. For example at the end when the characters walk out and it cut to the door but we can see the chair tucked in whereas in the shot before, the chair was left out. 

4. What have you learnt from completing this task?

From completing the task, I've learnt the importance in planning as it helped us a lot in the filming as we already had everything organised. Also I learnt the importance of camera work as it really helped with the continuity in the editing as well as having the roles split up so that we were able to complete the task in the time available. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

News Task

1. Explain your role/responsibility within the team and the task. What were you required to do?

We were split up into pairs or three's, in which we had the task to create either a front page for the Daily Telegraph newspaper, online or for the social media. Our group in particular, consisting of myself, Dara and Zain, had the task to create the front page for the website. In order to do this task, we had the template for the website given to us so that we could adjust our sizing, as well as the story headlines in which we had to alter it and make a standfirst from it. We had to also include things like appropriate adverts for the audience, images to suit our story and standfirsts to anchor the headline. We therefore chose and rewrite 5 headlines to be included in the front page of the Daily Telegraph website. During this process, we also had to communicate with other groups, so that we were able to coordinate well as we would have similar headlines to make it as realistic as possible.

2. For one media form, describe the codes and conventions you chose to follow and explain their intended impact.

For the website that we created, we had to include usual codes and conventions of For example, we included a large image to anchor the main headline as this is a convention for the website. Furthermore, the main headline that we used of "Brexit deal being agreed" is a headline that is commonly seen among the Daily Telegraph newspaper. Another convention that we used is by having advertisements situated around the page of the website. We had a total of 3 advertisements on our website as this was appropriate. This included a large banner advert along the top, a mid-page unit advert on the bottom right side of the page as well as having a small native advert along the bottom of the page, anchored with a headline for the advertisement as this is the usual convention. Moreover, we also included 2 premium stories, one with image and one without. Having a premium story is a common convention of the Daily Telegraph website, as usually on the website, one has to pay a fee in order to access more stories.

3. Explain how your choices reflect the real newspaper's values and target audience.

I think that the choices that we had reflect the real newspaper's values and target audience as we followed most, if not all the common conventions. For example, we chose Tiffany, a high class jewellery, to be our top banner advert as this suited the target audience of the middle aged. Additionally, for the mid-page unit advert, we chose expensive technology as it was suitable for the target audience of the Daily Telegraph. We also had a luxurious holiday advert which is also commonly seen in the Daily Telegraph website due to the fact that this suited the target audience of ABC1's. Our choice of having the Brexit deal headline to be our main story suited the value of Daily Telegraph as they have a more right wing view upon the situation.

4. Explain how your team adapted the news across the three different media forms and the reasons behind your decisions.

We adapted the news across the three different media forms through communicating to the other groups in as well as out of the lessons. We made sure that across the media forms, we had similar headlines, font and language so that we were able to keep it consistent. For example, we decided to have the Brexit deal as the main headline for all of the media forms. However we decided to change up the images we used to avoid repetitiveness and therefore will keep the readers interested.

5. In hindsight, is there anything about your team's outcomes that you would adapt or improve?

In hindsight, I think that we could've improved on the final piece by making some slight adjustments. For example, we could've made the sizing of the texts more consistent by keeping it the same size and I think that the language choices could've been better by adjusting it to suit the style of the Daily Telegraph. Moreover, maybe more communication between the groups would've been optimal but other than that, I think that the overall intention was successful.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Billboard Magazine Cover

1.   Summarise the music celebrity you have created.  Include name, music genre, personality and how they are being used to comment on contemporary celebrity.
      The Celebrity that I have created is called Josh Parka. He is a classical and hip- hop artist that likes to experiment with music. He would like to bring back classical music in a modern way, in which would grasp people's attention and interest. Recently, however he has been receiving a lot of media attention and he would like to use this opportunity to give the audiences a message that music is not all about money, it is talent and hard work. Also that everyone should enjoy classical music and not have a negative view upon it, such as classical music being for the older generation as it may be boring.

2.   Evaluate how you have constructed the representation of your celebrity through your cover image and cover headline/text (denotation/connotation of text and image).
      I have constructed the representation of my celebrity in a humble and basic manner through the choice of my cover image and headline. The celebrity is wearing a normal long sleeved black shirt and black jeans in a smart casual fashion. This, along with the background of the cover keeps with the idea of simplicity, as he does not have excessive accessories such as chains or rings. He has an engaging pose as he is directly looking at the audience therefore connoting that he wants to spread a message to the audience. This is also able to be achieved due to him being the main, focal image in which the audience are able to focus on him more despite the contrasting, bright red masthead. The text with the title "Future of Music?" is easy to read due to contrasting colours and the message summarises what he does. His name "Josh Parka" is bolded so that the audience can tell that the name belongs to the celebrity on the cover. 

3.   Analyse how far you have used and/or challenged stereotypes of gender/race/age/sexuality in your cover.
      I think that I have challenged the stereotype of the age in the cover, as it in quite uncommon that someone at the age of 18 likes classical music due to the idea that it is usually the older generation that enjoy classical. Additionally, someone within the ethnic minority is being represented to be a prodigy at this young age therefore going against the racial stereotype. However, I have also used the stereotype of a younger star to be someone that spreads positivity to the generation, as within today's society it is the young and famous that has the platform to influence the audience. 

4.   Reflect on the production/editing process.  Are you pleased with the end result?
Identify what is successful about your shot?  What would you have done differently in hindsight?
In hindsight, I think that the overall end result was not too bad however I think that it would've been better if the model in the cover was bigger therefore occupying more space. This can be fixed by having the shot taken in a MCU so that we are able to see the facial expression more. Additionally, I think that it would've been better to have a character with a less serious facial expression so that he looks a bit more friendly. What I liked about the cover is that the text is easy to read as it contrasts well with the background. I also like the overall simplicity feel towards the cover as it is not too glamorous or flashy therefore making the character relatable. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gameplay Video for YouTube

1. How you did it- What videos did you look at, what technology did you use and how?

To make my video as realistic as possible, I watch some example videos from other Minecraft Youtubers such as DanTDM and Ali-A. They all had the same informal style of speech and like to address the audience directly in order to keep them interested. I therefore tried to include some of these aspects into my videos as they were very effective.  
In order to complete the task, I used two iPads to do so; one to record my face with the camera and the other to watch the gameplay whilst narrating over it. After having recorded the footage, I used Filmmaker Pro to put the face recording within the gameplay. I also just lowered the volume of my voice-over as I thought it was  too loud. 

2. How your video might attract the attention of Mojang and/or Microsoft, and how it might influence them. 

If, like other Youtubers, my video were to receive positive ratings and have a high amount of viewing figures, it would then attract the attention of the game company as I could be of use to advertise other Mojang/ Microsoft products. Due to the high numbers of views, the game company is able to see that this game is still big,therefore will look to update and improve the game further for the players to keep playing. 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Video Games and Me

When I was younger, I loved to play video games as it was a good form of entertainment. Having owned consoles such as the Gameboy, DS, Playstation 1,2 and 3, Wii, etc. It made playing games a lot easier and more enjoyable due to differences in experience from the range of consoles. I would usually play games on my own as well with family and friends. Games like FIFA, GTA or Mario Kart would be games played with friends and family. On the other hand, games like Pokemon or Super Mario would be played on my own as they were usually single player games. I still play games now but rather than on consoles, I play on the PC as it is much easier nowadays to digitally download the game, then having to purchase it as a hard copy. Additionally, PC's are usually compatible with most titles, therefore specific consoles aren't necessary.